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Vox NT50H Night Train 50w Valve Head


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This excellent amp has to go as part of my attempt to "thin the herd" a bit. The amp comes in its original box and with the 2-button footswitch (not normally supplied with the amp).

Unfortunately I can't post any photos, but the amp is 'lunchbox' sized and really cool looking in chrome. The amp is in perfect working order and in excellent cosmetic condition.

£225  - I can send in the UK it for £20

Vox NT50H Night Train 50 Amp Head

The two-channel Night Train 50 features an all-tube, Class AB amplifier design delivering 50 Watts of power. The BRIGHT channel provides the inimitable VOX chime sound, plus a footswitchable THICK mode that bypasses the EQ for extra gain; the high-gain GIRTH channel utilizes an extra pre-amp tube for more crunch. The Master section includes the Master Volume and the VOX Tone Cut control, plus the TIGHT switch which attenuates the low-frequency range. Add your favorite effect using the true bypass FX Loop. An optional VFS2A footswitch allows switching channels and activating the THICK mode.

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