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Vocalist looking to form a metalcore/deathcore maybe even gore grind band


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I'm a vocalist, scream and sing, but just looking for mostly screaming, age and race and gender doesn't matter

Will be looking for 2 guitarists, bassist and drummer (guitarists) at least drop c or lower, the lower the better the more strings you have EVEN BETTER but if you only play 6 string that will be fine, but preferably drop G or A

Bassist can do power chords etc for the extra chug,

Breakdowns are a must! As well as fast riffs

I also have an idea for a start of a song, start it with the four chord (pop punk riffing) for two counts, then stop then either I scream this ain't no fucking pop band (or we all scream it or do it as a gang shout) just an idea tho

More along the deathcore side of metalcore is you get what I mean, as in they may be like one line sang at the start etc but no more, even along the way of gore grind maybe a mix?

Influences include parkway drive, Chelsea grin, suicide silence, whitechapel, the devil wears prada.

Thank for looking


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