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Late night show with Inspector Tapehead - Fri 3 July

Andy APA

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Late Night at the Lemon Tree with Inspector Tapehead, The Great Bear and Ricky Fraser

Inspector Tapehead formed in 2008 when Chris Croasdale enlisted Roy Shearer and Jonnie Common to help perform some songs he'd been writing. Due to some confusion over who would be playing what, those formative rehearsals found the trio in the unlikely arrangement of nylon-string guitar/vocals (Chris), drums/glock/vocals (Roy), and synth/samples/vocals (Jonnie).  Their debut album Duress Code, released to mild acclaim on the Song, by Toad label in 2010.  The band played a short but successful tour (now with additional synth parts being played by Chris' feet) to promote the album and then swiftly put the whole project on ice by moving as far away from each other as they could manage whilst still remaining in Scotland.  Nature, however, finds a way. Before long the band started meeting up several times a year to work on new songs that Chris had been whittling out of scotch mist in his highland hideyhole.  Once they had returned to match fitness, they recorded album no.2 over two short spells in the studio and took another week or so to mix it.  The result is So Solar, which they are very pleased to announce will be released by Glint Recordings in late summer.



To book tickets in advance click here, call 01224 641122 or visit the HMT or Music Hall box office.

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