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Total Victory: looking for show(s)


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Hey Aberdeen Music Dot Com. First post in 10 years! God I am glad you are all still alive.


Band I'm in are looking for a show if possible. KEYWORDS: post-punk, Manchester, obscurantist.


We'll do it for petrodollar (you have some knocking around out there I believe). This is us playing a song or two!



Got a couple of records out in continental Europe where we're established on the DIY circuit and have been played on the radio, but we've decided it might be fun and novel to actually play parts of our home island where we're as rare as white dog shit.




Write us here I guess if you're interested. We're looking late in the year so plenty of time. We're flexible. We'll also be able to hook people up for swaps & shows from 2016 onward: the venue we operate out of just had a Land Rover driven through the bar.

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