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Drummer looking for band


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30 year old drummer here looking for a band to join. Have a kid and full time job however looking for a weekly practice and a gig here and there. Drummed for about 15 years, grew up playing rock/metal however very interested in a covers band, thinking rock/pop/funk - wedding band type music. Have my own Roland TD15KV and transport.


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No they are not but their early recordings are heavily influenced by "old blues" but this is not the point f this thread. The point is a drummer is looking for a band/group and people are having a discussion about it or at least trying to without being hijacked by the blues nazis.

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We're needing a drummer as band entered a state of permanent hiatus when previous guy moved away. Been concentrating on acoustic stuff lately but would like to get a three piece band on the go again. Influenced mainly by the rock/metal/grunge scene. You can have a listen to our previous stuff from here www.reverbnation.com/whatis4


If you want to have a jam message me at shiltune79@gmail.com


Cheers, Saku

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The playing drums in bands to concentrate on songwriting. Originally the idea was to write interesting things to drum to, but soon, the songs became more important than the drums. Then I got hired to write music for a movie that required no drums, which was interesting because here I was doing to violinists, cellists, horn players, pianists, and such what I used to never want to have happen to drums: programing them rather than using real people. 

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