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imp: The Phantom Band + support @ The Tunnels, 6th June

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THIS is on FRIDAY! Here's some words about River of Slime...

Yes, it's no secret that we love FOUND. So we invited the bleepy half, Kev Sim, to open up the show as his River of Slime alter-ego.

Don't cross the streams!

"River of Slime makes such experimenting his stock-in-trade, marshalling amorphous, often intolerable sounds and harsh, pre-programmed drum loops to challenge the listener before briefly rewarding us with some melodic hooks"

The List

"Lining up alongside Lomond Campbell's excellent EP is this otherwordly slab of electronic kinetics from Kev Sim aka River of Slime. Veering from the full-on DJ Shadow romp of 'Syclops' to the glitchy eccentrics of 'System of Slime Pt. 2', 'Adventures in Slime and Space' is a fantastic counterpoint to Lomond Campbell's alt-folk outing."

Chemikal Underground





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