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5 Or 6 String Bassist Wanted For Funky Desert Rock


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we (drummer & guitarist) are looking for the above to join us in writing riffy/dirty rock music with a beat that makes your head bounce


our most notable influences are qotsa, kyuss and red fang though we're definitely not limited to them


we're looking for a 'wall of sound' sort of approach to writing.

songs that go from very laid back and airy to crushingly heavy and full on and vice versa with some odd time changes thrown in for good measure.


we've been playing together on and off for ten years and been in bands/playing live etc longer about the same


so if you're mid to late twenites (just because that's what we are - dont feel like you can't get in touch if you love this type of music, have some skils) and think this might be for you then give this a listen:



very rough recording of a jam we had in the style we're going for.




preferable that you'd have at least some experience playing in bands/live - ability to sing would be an added bonus


if you've got the facilities to record a little something to that riff then great :) send us a link - otherwise a link to anything you've recorded previously would be appreciated


any questions, please ask





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Guest deprofundis

That sounds really cool. Unfortunately I am not a bassist you's are looking for but really like your demo. All the best chaps. Hope you find Scott Reeder alike to jam with you's.

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