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Trace Elliot Ah500-12 Bass Amp & 1510H Bass Cabinet


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Looking to downsize my current gigging rig.....and go down the lightweight route (GK fusion amp & Barefaced cabs) so up for sale is my Trace Elliot rig (both items are from the newer Peavey-made range) :


500w amp head - the one with the valve preamp which can be blended with the dry signal. Has Trace's built-in pre-shape setting feature, 12eq graphic, High/Low compression etc....it's got the illuminated (adjustable) front facsia panel. In excellent condition, comes with TE protective cover and the 6-button floor switch with connecting 8pin cable. £485

1510H bass cabinet

800w 1x15", 2x10" and adjustable HF horn - paired this with the above amp and it's a pretty amazing set-up.

The cabinet is a two-person lift but has rear handles and castors to move it about. Also in excellent nick and has the TE protective cover. £335

Based in Aberdeen city and can provide pictures upon request (PM me or txt your email address to my mobile). Reluctant to post either item as it's pretty heavy gear - happy for any trial (subject to prior arrangement). If someone wants both the amp & cab together (+ all the extra gubbins - covers/footswitch etc.) I can do the whole rig for £750.


John (07709 050927)

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