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[Feb 2, 2013] Jungle Nation 16th Birthday - Serial Killaz (Aberdeen)


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Jungle Nation 16th Birthday

Serial Killaz (Congo Natty/Playaz)

Dj Tez

Mc Bass Monkey

Mc Darkrider

Earlybird tickets £8

Advance tickets £10

Available from One Up & www.skiddle.com


Officially the Jungle legends’ remixers of choice, Serial Killaz is comprised of Tera and Vital Elements. Their successive hit remixes of classic jungle tunes such as Congo Natty's ‘Junglist’, ‘Wardance’ and more recently the massive 'Code Red', Terry T & Demolition Man's ‘Fire’ and DJ Stretch's 'Worries In The Dance' have seen the pair gain support from such highbrow, disc spinning luminaries as DJ Hype, Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken and Micky Finn while their own DJ schedule is looking more than hectic with offers from all over the globe flooding in.

Last summer Rebel MC entrusted them with a treasured DAT of Congo Natty vocals from scene legends such as Tenor Fly, Top Cat, Peter Bouncer and Daddy Freddy and asked them to remix a succession of classic Congo tracks. Earlier this year the boys reworked the massive 'Wardance' giving them their biggest hit to date. Meanwhile, taking on some original tracks, this year saw the pair launch their own Serial Killaz imprint with the immense ‘Killa Clash’.

The Serial Killaz have been grafting hard in the studio lately, and with a selection of their dubplates being cained by Hype all over his Kiss FM show, and plans to ink a deal with one of the scene’s biggest labels just on the horizon, you can see big things for this pair in the near future.

With their dj sets Serial Killaz aim to create a live soundclash feel by utilising a huge selection of specials and VIPs from some of the Reggae scene’s biggest names as well as their trademark FX and shouts and recently they have been touring the world, smashing up clubs from Reading to Rome with their own blend of Ragga-soaked drum & bass mash ups.


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