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Tama Royal Star Rare / Vintage Drum Kit

Guest texjamm

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Guest texjamm

Posted on behalf of our drummer.....

Here’s you're chance to get hold of a piece of drum history, its a Tama Royal Star kit in midnight blue, manufactured in Japan before they moved to other cost saving areas of the world!

The original 7 piece kit was bought by myself new in 1979 and added to over the next few years culminating in the kit you see here. I added a second bass drum and 8" & 10" toms a couple of years later which due to a Tama design change is the reason for the different mount position on one of the bass drums and mounts on the high toms.

The kit is in great condition for being 33 years old with only the usual knocks and scrapes you would expect. There is a chip on one of the small toms and some pitting to the chrome stands and fittings. However this doesn’t stop any of them from working as they should. All the stands are Tama. This kit was made to last!

This is a great kit to play and looks great as well. Most of the heads are relatively new just of different makes. Each of the toms are individually serial numbered.

OK so here’s the list of gear :

2 x 22" x 16" bass drums

1 x 14" x 5" Imperial Star snare

1 x 8" x 6" Concert Tom

1 x 10" x 7" Concert Tom

1 x 12" x 8" Concert Tom

1 x 13" x 9" Concert Tom

1 x 14" x 10" Concert Tom

1 x 15" x 12" Concert Tom

1 x 16" x 16" Floor Tom

2 x Premier 252 bass drum pedals

1 x snare stand

1 x hi-hat stand

1 x stool

2 x boom cymbal stands

1 x straight cymbal stand

2 x Tom tom stands

Shipping : Weight of the kit is 100kgs including crate. I can have the kit crated up ready for courier collection or I can ship within the UK mainland by TNT for £40.00

For more info please call Malcolm on 07873 324497






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