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Science and Philosophy Books(and a few others)


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£3 each or 4 for a tenner.


Wonders of the Solar System – Brian Cox

The Measure of all Things – Ken Alder

The Ethics of Science – David Resnik

Mathematics for Physics Students – Robert Steiner

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

A Field Guide for Science Writers – Deborah Bhum

The Millenium Problems – Keith Devlin

The Birth of Time – John Gribbon

A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawkings

The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins

Urban Astronomy – Denis Berther

Our Cosmic Habitat – Martin Rees

The Tao of Physics – Faitjof Capra

The Atlas of the Prehistoric World – Douglas Palmer

The Ascent of Science – Brian Silver


Philosophy, The Basics – Nigel Warburton

The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

The Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama

Straw Dogs – John Gray

Ideas That Matter – A.C. Grayling

The Age of Absurdity – Michael Foley

Yoga – B.K.S. Iyengar

The Sayings of the Bhudda

Zen – Christmas Humpreys

The Universe in a Single Atom – Dalai Lama


The Essential Dali – Kirsten Bradbury

The Bumper Student Cookbook – Barbara Dixon

BBC Goodfood Collection –

Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Cookbook

Spanish for Dummies – Susana Wald

Dream Routes of the World –

The Munroes –

The Rules of the Game – Neil Strauss

Gandhi Autobiography

Concise History of US Foreign Policy – Joyce Kaufmann

The Unsigned Guide 2009

Rough Guide to Climate Change – Robert Henson

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