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Parker Guitar, Marshall Poweramp, Pod HD500 for sale.


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Parker p-38 (modded, obviously). kitted with a Bareknuckle Pickups Supermassive P90 and push-button kill switch. Has a piezo trem system. Lovely guitar, sounds massive. Looking for £500 for this guitar.2sA9z.jpg

Marshall Valvestate 120/120 poweramp - use this to power the pod - a great poweramp, very clean sound. Controls do not colour the sound, but works very well with PODs/Guitar rig setups. From the same family as the 8008 etc. Looking for £100 for this, rack bag included.CZaWe.jpg

Pod HD500 - needs no introduction, top of the POD floorboard mountain. has the most recent update installed, info here - http://www.dv247.com/guitars/line-6-pod-hd500-guitar-amp-modelling-effects-pedal--76074. Looking for £300 for this, carry case included.


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