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Pearl Export Drum Kit (Zildjian, Paiste cymbals, Eliminator double bass pedal & hi-hat.) Quick sale!


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Pearl Export Drum Kit. Marble effect wine finish - £650

All skins are Remo Weatherking Ambassador and in good condition.

- Bass Drum 22"

- 1 Floor Tom 16"

- 4 Mounted Toms 13", 12", 10", 8"

- Drum cases in used condition but does the job fine

- Pearl Eliminator Double Bass Pedal (chain driven) + case & all accessories (cams etc)

- Pearl Eliminator Hi-Hat stand with drop clutch for double bass pedal use

- Zildjian Z-Custom Dyna Beats 14" Hi-Hats

- Drummers stool

- Hardware case

- 2 snare drum stands

- High quality hardware including 3 boom stands & 2 straight stands

- UFIP 18" Crash - Hand crafted Italian cymbal.

- Paiste Rude 1000 20" Ride/Crash cymbal

- Paiste 505 18" China cymbal

- Zildjian Avedis 21" Rock Ride cymbal

- Meinl Streamer 10" Splash

- Cymbal Case

- Various accessories including a stick bag, 5x new sticks (2B), A head - Aluminium drum sticks with nylon sleeves (5B)

Photos @:


Selling due to now living in a flat and having no space.

For £extra? could include a Pearl Brass Free Floating snare drum (14 x 6.5") & Tuxedo case worth £400.

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