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NI Maschine - teacher or guidance sought?!


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Anyone using Maschine? Anyone up for showing me some tips and tricks, live style, in return for beers?! I've worked with hardware sequencers before, but this is proving tricky to get me head around - I know there are loads of tutorials online, but I find hands on from someone who knows is best.

Looking to create house/minimal/techno/abstract rather than 's'up beats y'all...

Also same applies to Ableton Live and using Maschine as a plugin - need a hand?

Cheers Jason

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I'm actually going on holiday this weekend for two weeks and busy every night this week as I try to cram everything in before I leave. Happy to meet up when I return though.

I think I can help you with the settings you need for recording patterns on the fly. It took me a while to work it out but it's a simple process once you know how. I use Cubase but presumably the same principles apply. I'll post a full explanation once I get myself in front of my computer at home, I can't remember the exact sequence without going through it.

What kind of beats are you making? Would be really interested to hear. Do you have a soundcloud?

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Ah pants!! The notification from your reply went straight into my spam filter in Gmail which I never check!! Sorry about that – I’m still up for your assistance?! I do have a Souncloud account – bit of a mixed bag on there – a few tunes using iPad apps, a few analogue synth tunes recorded using Ableton, and a few straight guitar tunes. However, my Maschine is currently gathering dust and it’s such a shame! I reckon the power is in there, just need to learn how to unleash it! Cheers

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jay-sonic

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