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He Is Legend

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Guest highroller

even if you remotely like some of the stuff you know i like...buy this record.

Scott advised me to buy it so he ordered it into one up...its one of the freshest things ive heard in a while...its on the wonderful tribunal records...who were responsible for signing those guys called atreyu before they were anything...

heres a review...

He Is Legend - 91025

Curiosity is an integral human emotion and yet in the musical climate we currently live in it is one that rarely ever surfaces on a recording from a heavier band. Instead we often find ourselves lost in a downpour of ruthless metalcore driven overkill and irreverent genre jumping wit, or worse, monotonous lovelorn balladry. Surprisingly enough, a seemingly amateur band in the form of He Is Legend have become the proverbial umbrella that actually manages to offer some much-needed shelter from the torrents of mediocrity.

Indeed from practically out of nowhere this creatively ambitious outfit have emerged, freely experimenting with a handful of styles, including metal, jazz, emo, southern rock and more, and they do so while proudly displaying the paperwork that got them to the final result. In turn, this outing, which can at times tonally bear resemblance to groups like Thursday and Every Time I Die (though only on the surface), comes off as a surprisingly cohesive breath of fresh air.

In fact, the all around eclectic, yet snugly strung together nature of the bands songwriting and implementation of imaginative ideas is really what becomes their main strength. While this EP is more or less a melodic affair, the subtle juxtapositions of genres and timings contained upon it are done so slyly that its intricacies can be completely overlooked upon the first few listens. Of course, this changes with further spins as the understated diversity truly begins to reveal itself.

While some elements of the band do lack polish and individual members occasionally miss great opportunities due to their youthful exuberance, the material itself still stands well on its own. To be sure though, He Is Legend aren't a band for everyone. They also aren't exactly blazing down some previously unheard of path for that matter. Instead, what they are doing is making refreshingly unique and inspired music that fits well within the current confines of modern taste, a feat which in itself is worthy of praise. Factor in that is both relevant and cathartic without falling victim to the standard scene cliches and this group just may be able live up to the latter part of their moniker in record time.

if you want it...go talk to Scott in one up. I love you Scott!

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