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Vinyl Update


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Added more vinyl’s to the list and cleaned things up a bit. The rules are the same .

Records are £3 pounds each unless stated otherwise. I am willing to sell two records for £5 pounds.

Buzzcocks- Singles going steady

George Michael- Faith

Duran Duran- Seven and the Ragged Tiger

Duran Duran- Area

Duran Duran- Duran Duran

Madonna- Like a virgin

Billy Bragg Life’s a riot with spy vs spy

Billy Bragg- Talking with the Taxman About Poetry

Billy Bragg- Brewing up with

The stranglers- Feline

BeeGees- Spirtis Having Flown

Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton John- Greatest Hits

Elton John – Ice on Fire

Simple minds- empires and dance

Meatloaf bat out of hell- no sleeve 1

The stranglers- the collection 1977-1982

Rush- Grace Under Pressure

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground- Self Titled

Pretenders The singles

Leonard Cohen- I’m your man

Leonard Cohen- Songs from a Room

Leonard Cohen- New skin for the old ceremony

Leonard Cohen- Greatest Hits

Michael Jackson- Thriller

John Lennon-Shaved fish £5

Depeche Mode- The Singles 81-85

Toto IV

The Psychedelic Furs All for 12 pounds


Midnight to Midnight

Mirror Moves


House EP

All that money wants: 12 inch

Shock 12inch

Until she comes 12 inch

House 12 inch

Pretty in Pink 12inch

Jesus Mary Chain 25 for all



Barbed Wire Kisses


Limited Edition Picture Disk


Side walking 12inch

Head On 12inch

Rollercoaster 12inch

Blues from a gun

Happy when it rains E.P

Darklands E.P

Speed E.P

Psycho Candy 12inch

Will add more later when I get the chance!

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