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Electrique Boutique X AU Electronic Music = DETBOI (Cheap Thrills) 28/09/11

Krazzy Martin

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Electrique Boutique & AU Electronic Music and DJ Society presents

_ DETBOI (Cheap Thrills)

+ Free Entry with a Snafu is 7! wristband or 3 without

+ Free entry to all AU Electronic Music and DJ society members

Wednesday 28th Sept // Snafu


Vodka + Mix 1.50

House Spirit + Mix 2

Jagerbombs 2

Tequila / Sambucca 2

Apple Sourz 1

Pint Fosters 2.70

Bottle Carlsberg 1.50

Pint Bulmers Cider 2.50


special guest ::

+++++ DETBOI (Cheap Thrills) +++++

For the second week in a row, Electrique Boutique are joined by an exciting up and coming UK producer and DJ.

Since his first EP Hold Up, he has gained praise from the major players of the scene in Annie Mac, Fake Blood and Crookers. Detboi become a major contributor on the massive collaboration LP Machines Dont Care producing with Herve, Sinden and Trevor Loveys, before signing to Cheap Thrills Records and released Curse Of The Voodoo Drums LP as well as dropping huge singles Sirens and Rainbows.

Support from Krazzy Martin (EES) + Bones & Money (Tuff Wax)



+ Pre-club party upstairs in Athenaeum with Tuff Wax DJ's and cocktails +

Electrique Boutique, every Wednesday, is that tropical hot spot round the back of the bike sheds, under the bleachers and down the lane where kids go to find each other. This is where it all starts.

Electro, disco, house, hip hop and all the UK funky bizness you can handle, dance under the glimmering lights and twist it to those tracks you know and love, (and some you don't).

Drinks from 1. Students apply here.

Club Snafu | Aberdeen Nightclub Home

RA: ElectriqueBoutique

electrique_boutique's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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