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Marshall 1922 Cab 2x12 100


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I have a Marshall 1922 cab for sale. Its a scrufy thing but works perfectly. Currently wiried in Parallel (for use with a Bassman) but can be changed back to the series stereo wiring if required.

The Marshall 1922 is a compact 2 x 12 speaker extension cabinet. It is smaller and lighter than it's bigger brother the Marshall 1936, but still has a power rating of 150w...so it'll handle almost anything your amp can throw at it. The Marshall 1922 2 x 12 speaker cab gives you the option of either mono or stereo inputs, meaning it is ideal for use with stereo rack processors and power amps or as an extension cab for a suitable amplifier combo or head.

Technical specifications Marshall 1922 :

2 x 12" Speakers G12B (greenbacks) -150W S88 Celestion

2x75 watts

8 ohms mono / 16 ohms stereo


19 kgs

Looking for 100 for the cab, can deliver along the A96 as far as Elgin, otherwise collection from Aberdeen city centre. Ian 07791129637


By ian850 at 2011-08-16

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