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Marshall Grant - Johnny Cash's Bass player dies

Graham Knight

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There are quite a number of Johnny Cash fans here on Aberdeen Music and they will be saddened to hear of the death of Marshall Grant of the Tennessee Two.

Marshall started out playing upright double bass for Johnny Cash in 1954 and stayed with him till 1980 when the two had a major falling out. At time Johnny was severely addicted to pills.

Back in the 50's Johnny Cash made records for Sun of Memphis and the labels always said, "Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two". The late Luther Perkins was the other half of the duo who helped create the original Johnny Cash sound - the familiar "boom-chick-a-boom-chick-a-boom."

Marshall, Luther and Johnny himself were always very friendly to fans when they made frequent tours of the UK in the 60's. Johnny could party all night.

Marshall was also the person who took care of all the travel arrangements, booked hotels, and dealt with promoters and theatre managers.

Before the end of Johnny's life in 2003, the two of them had become reconciled and played together again.

Marshall's book, "I Was There When It Happened" tells it like it was to be Johnny's, roadie, nursemaid, doctor, pharmacy, musician etc. It is a very true to life book.

Above all Marshall was a good musician who always acted professionally and always put the show first.

Here are a some links to early performances - including one where Johnny impersonates Elvis.

‪Johnny Cash - I Was There When It Happened (1959) THP‬‏ - YouTube

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