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Snafu Presents The Rock and Roll Circus This Saturday at ROCKNESS

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*** ROCKNESS 2011 ***

Rock n Roll Circus with Snafu




BIGFOOT'S (Christopher Kelly + Redux)

MOTHERSHIP ft. Adam Ackers

Saturday 11th June



RockNess 2011 takes place 10-12th June, 2011 in the village of Dores, close to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The festival won 'LINE UP OF THE YEAR' at last week's UK Festival Awards for its 2010 extravaganza, this year SNAFU join the Saturday night party at "the most beautiful festival in the world".


As sun goes down on Saturday night this year at Rockness - SNAFU seize the reigns and pull in the help of two of their favourite DJs and producers to ensure their first edition of the ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS goes off with a bang.

Headlining the SNAFU stage is France's most wanted radio host and selector - IVAN SMAGGHE - who stands at the crossroads between glamorous Parisian hype and musical integrity, best known for his techno, electrohouse, minimal sounds and past projects with BLACK STROBE... perfect festival fodder!

The Fidget King JESSE ROSE is on board, and he's guaranteed to be dropping his MADE TO PLAY big tunes to truly get the party bouncing. Completing the Snafu sound are Glasgow's BIGFOOT'S TEA PARTY with CHRISTOPHER KELLY and REDUX, and Snafu's MOTHERSHIP with resident ADAM ACKERS. SNAFU is a full creative spectrum who has a long history of championing and showcasing the local talent and booking big name guests so watch this space as they welcome their superb residents and the sound of SNAFU.


Rockness | Home

Rockness | Tickets

RA: Ivan Smagghe

Bigfoot's Tea Party | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

RA: Jesse Rose

madetoplay // home

Club Snafu | Aberdeen Nightclub Home

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