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Yamaha DD55 digital drumkit


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Hey all... back again!

I have a Yamaha DD55 digital drumkit I'm looking to sell. It's only been played a handful of times and comes in its original box with new drumsticks, bassdrum and hihat pedal and power supply. Can also be battery operated. I used it a few times to record drums onto my digital 8 track a while back and it's been unused since. Was gonna sell on eBay but it'll be pricey to post so thought I'd offer up on here first.

  • 7 Touch-Sensitive Drum Pads
  • Tempo Control Using Tap Start
  • Hand percussion with New Latin Drums allows natural playing using hands instead of sticks
  • 174 Digitally-sampled Percussion Voices Assignable to Any Pad
  • Two Assignable Foot Pedals Included, for Kick, Hi-Hat or any other voice

Amazon reviews here: Amazon.com: YAMAHA DD55 7 Pad General MIDI Digital Drum System: Electronics

Photo here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/img0986h.jpg/

Looking for 30 if anyone's interested :)

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