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For Sale - Set of Irongear "Alchemist 90" P90 Pickups - Humbucker Size


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I've got a set of Irongear "Alchemist 90" P90 Pickups for sale.

These came installed on a guitar I bought but I've since replaced these with the original pickups.

They're standard humbucker size so would fit in any guitar with humbucker type pickups.

These are the chrome /black pickups

They're great sounding pickups but just didn't fit the sound I was looking for. They're in great nick and work perfectly.

I'm looking for 40.00 for the set.

PM if interested.

IronGear Pickups - Alchemist 90

IronGear brings the classic P90 sound in a humbucker format pickup. All the full range single-coil clang that you expect from a P90 in a pickup with the exact dimensions of a standard humbucker!


DC Resistance: Bridge = 7.6kOhm, Neck = 6.3kOhm

Pole Spacing: Bridge = 52mm, Neck = 50mm

Magnet Type: Alnico

Conductors: 2-Wire

Format: Humbucker Sized Single Coil

Supplied complete with screws and springs

Suitable for:-

The Alchemist 90 is an extremely flexible pickup. Excellent for Rock, Blues, Jazz and a firm favourate with guitarists wanting to get more clarity from guitars equipped with humbuckers

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