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Mapex meridian maple Drums for sale!

Guest deprofundis

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Guest deprofundis

Mapex Meridian Maple Drum Kit in Volcanic Burst for sale!

This kit is not even a year old, still looks like new. Set includes: 22" x 20" Bass drum (undrilled) 10" x 7" Tom, 12" x 8" Tom, 14 x 12 Floor tom, 16" x 14" Floor tom, 13" x 5.5" Snare, and a full set of hardware: H700 Hi-Hat Stand, B700 Boom Stand, B700 Boom Cymbal Stand, S700 Snare stand, P980 Pedal.

Meridian Series come with the newly designed Isolated Tom Mount System. This version of the system is significantly lighter in weight and lower in profile than before and is more easily mounted and adjusted.

Additionally, the unique Mapex off-the-shell design and single-point-of-contact lugs distribute tension evenly across the shell for even better resonance and sustain.

7-ply all maple, 5.8mm toms and snare, 7.2mm bass drum

Newly engineered Isolated Tom Mount System (ITSTM)

Newly designed lug with smaller footprint for lower

overall mass

2.3mm Mapex Powerhoops

Spring-cushioned floor tom legs

Eight coat, hand-sanded, high gloss lacquer finish

Redesigned Bass drum tom mount with and built-in adapter for optional boom arm

Low-profile, recessed bass drum claws with

cushioning gasket

8 lug all maple snare drum

Kit sounds awesome! Its got very bright and warm sound, punchy with immediate response, selling it because Im moving house and have no room for the kit just now. Price: 600 pounds. Shops sell it for 800. Collection in person only! Adding extra cymbal stand and couple of bass drum skins, everything included in the price. Email me for more

info, cheers

101_2237 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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