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UGS launches net radio station


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Hey, sorry i didnt know where to put this so i slapped it in here. Anyway the undergroundscene.co.uk web site recently launched its online radio station and we're looking for music from unsigned and independent bands to play.

So if you have anything that you want played then leave a link here and i'll be sure to add your mp3s to the schedule / playlist once its complete :partyboy:

Some of you may already be registered on the site so its all good, if not then check it out and get your music that little bit more exposure.


and keep up the good work aberdeen-music.co.uk represent!

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Hi KJ hows things in good old Dundee?

Online radio station eh? sound interesting...

You only appear to want mp3's to download....can bands get their music on you're radio station any other way...? like sending you a cd for instance...

Good luck with it anyway.


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hi Graeme, good to hear from you :) it has been a while.

Yeah, bands can send their music to me in any format they wish if they would like their music played.

At the moment i'm just trying to get a good catalogue of music to fill a 5 hour an evening schedule. basically 6-11pm every weekday and something special for the weekends, plus the shows will be themed and maybe have one thats a total free for all.

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