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Vinyls- More Added!


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Halfman Half Biscuit Back in the D.H.S.S 3

Halfman Half Biscuit Back in the D.H.S.S again 3

The glove blue sunshine 3

Billy Bragg Brewing it up 4

Billy Bragg Back to Basics 4

Billy Bragg Talking with the Taxman about Poetry 4

The Fall Beggers Banquet 3

The Damned Anything 3

The Damned The Light at the end of the tunnel 3

Curve Doppelganger 3

Leonard Cohen I'm your Man 4

Leonard Cohen Songs from a Room 4

Leonard Cohen New Skin for the Old Cermony 4

Peter Astor Zoo 2

The Primitives Lovely 3

The Primitives Lazy 86-88 3

Lou Reed New York 3

Lou Reed Berlin 3

Lou Reed/ John Cale Songs for Drella 3

Lou Reed Live In Italy 3

loop Fade Out 3

Andy White Rave On 3

Andy White Himself 3

Thrum Rifferama 3

Many more to be added later!

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