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Peerless Gigmaster SC

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Regrettably selling my Peerless Gigmaster SC,

For those who dont know its a Gretschesque hollowbody guitar with a Bigsby and P90s pickups.

The guitar is immaculate metallic gold finish and comes with a fitted Peerless case.

I had a custom made scratchplate made in cream but i still have the original clear perspex one, both will included in the sale.

It has been recently set up, plays and sounds amazing. truth be told im fucking gutted to be selling it!

Im told Peerless made guitars for Gibson and Gretsch in the past but i cant support this so before anyone with better knowledge starts posting shitty threads dont fucking bother but friendly facts is more than welcome. All i can say is ive played Gretsch's and owned quite a few Gibsons and i think the build quality is superb for a mid range guitar.

Bruce Millers have these in stock and their new price is 579.

Im selling for 350

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Wow, cool guitars. Wish I had some cash.

Peerless made the highly regarded budget Electromatic line for Gretsch.

And they also made Epiphones, rather than "real" Gibsons. :)

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