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Steven Milne

HOULETTE (Melbourne/Exo Records) + STEVEN MILNE @ KILAU: 8pm :Thursday 30th September

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Thursday 30th September


8pm - 11pm



Come down to Kilau for a FREE ENTRY show which features a one off visit from a very special band who are only here for a one time visit!

HOULETTE (Melbourne/ Paris/ Exo Records)

Houlette on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

"Part Kate Bush confidence and physicality, part Ute Lemper boldness, and often tempered by a fragility and tenderness reminiscent of Vashti Bunyan, Cripps is a hypnotic presence... A band bound to appeal to any Europhile and one whose debut album heralds great things." Inpress 10

"Pine Island is the impossibly lovely and groovy new single from local five-piece Houlette, taken from their forthcoming album...with the band's poetically narcotic yet moving sound and singer/songwriter Felicity Cripps' gorgeously sensitive voice" Inpress 09

"...Like a single ray of sunlight coming through the curtains on a winters morning... a whole album of this, you get the feeling you could sink into it" Rave Magazine 09

"Front woman Felicity Cripps' siren voice and heavenly lyricisms make for the most infectious of folk/pop records..." Three Thousand Magazine 09


plus support from


STEVEN MILNE on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Playing solo to promote the recently released "Best of Times" EP (Scotsman Track of the Month) and the upcoming album release "Chasing Phantoms".


More about Kilau Coffee House:

Kilau Coffee

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Houlette on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Gleaning together a mix of distinctively folk, french and early pop influences, comes Melbourne based band Houlette radiating a timely charm, performing lyrically evocative songs punctuated with bursts of dark intermissions and sultry sounds. Houlette recorded their first 7" THE ESCAPE, in February 2008 and released exclusively on EXO Records and have also recorded a limited edition EP, Sans Soleil, with Nick Huggins. The EP was sold exclusively during their first international tour of Europe (performing several shows in the UK, Paris and Barcelona). Houlettes debut Album Bless Bless is out now and has been hailed as one with... "Gainsbourg pretensions with a love of '60s French pop, they launch here with a psychedelic twist on dreamy romantic lullabies. Flush with battlefield drums, warm guitars and sailing strings...her voice, breathy and full of flight..." - Beat Magazine.

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