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Rock/Pop Songwriting Partner Wanted

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Hey Folks

I'm a guitar player, early twenties, looking for someone to write songs with and then go on to get a band together with.

Looking for someone who can sing and come up with lyrics, as those are the things I don't do so well.

Looking to make loud fast guitar based pop music. I've written dozens of songs, but a lot of them remain unfinished. I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to bounce ideas off somebody. I'm looking for a real two way partnership, like Leiber/Stoller, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Morrissey/Marr etc.

I like a very broad spectrum of music, but particular favorites are early Rock 'n' Roll, Motown, Punk and Indie.

Preferably someone who is reasonably serious and looking to take things as far as they can go.

If anyone's interested please PM me.


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Hello! I am also looking for good creative contacts. I am singer, compose songs and lyrics and i play guitar. 14 years i played a lot of cover music but last 1-2 years i compose original songs.

it sounds like this: Sergei Kurek on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Would like to hear your ideas! Nice to meet you! I will move to Aberdeen soon for living 2-3 years.

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