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For sale: 80s keyboard and drum machines

Guest Tam o' Shantie

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

pictures up soon. I've got so much stuff to clear from my personal collection that i've started a wordpress site. i'll be adding more old electronics, rare vinyl etc soon. TUFF HUSTLE

Casiotone MT68 - 49 key analogue keyboard manufactured in 1983 . brilliant organ, e.piano sounds and built in lo-fi drum machine. 40. looks like this (without the stickers!)

4998cf2521d0c_74726b.jpg (not my picture!)

Mattel Synsonics - rare analogue toy drum machine made in 1982 as used by Kraftwerk, 4 trigger pads, tunable 'tom-tom' sound that goes from synthy sound effect down to 808 style bass. 2/4/8 speed 'sequencer' for beatmaking, white noise cymbal/hi hat sound with variable decay. also has onboard memory to record up to 3 sequences ( if memory serves me correctly). saw one of these with a midi retrofit go for 200 on ebay a few weeks ago, however mine lacks such a thing and is missing battery cover, otherwise in pretty good condition. 50 for this.

synsonics_drums_thumb.jpg (not my picture!)

Yamaha DD5 digital drums - 1988, surprisingly decent and realistic sounds (the hand clap should be in every beatmaker's collection), 4 velocity sensitive pads to assign them to. still in original box, virtually pristine condition with original sticks too! This has MIDI out so would be useful as a trigger for drummers hooked up to a sampler or laptop. 30

DD5.gif (not my picture!)


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