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Drummer & singer required


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hi, looking for a singer and drummer to join cover band we're planning to start later on this year. Nothing too serious, but would plan to do a bit of gigging. There's 2 guitars + bass plus a bit of synth if I can get that organized.

Not really fully decided on direction, but this will give you an idea. Stone Roses, Charlatans, Undertones, KOL, Happy Mondays, Undertones, Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode. Generally Indie I suppose, with a nod to the late 80's.

I'm currently working overseas just now, but planning to move back by summer. The other 2 are in Aberdeen.



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sounds like a plan

Hey Andy

noticed you mentioned undertones twice in your ad, does that mean you will me doing "teenage kicks" twice ?

of course if you're doing "my perfect cousin" then I'm in !!!!!

thats you bumpity bumped back to the tap.....

rock on in the free world dude

(you must be there coz you got a yankee eejit spellchecker)

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