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The Black Tooth - Every Monday at Snafu!

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Every Monday night at Snafu


If Cream were a supergroup and the US/USSR superpowers, then the Black Tooth is a superclubnight. Combining the rum-fuelled piracy of the Moorings, the sheer decadent filth of Fudge Promotions, Jagermeister's undying commitment to making you act like a drunken twat and the liberal happy-go-lucky attitude of Snafu, the Black Tooth promises live bands, the unpredictable antics of the Fudge DJ's and cabaret acts such as burlesque dancers, magicians, hypnotists and tarot readers. Arrive early, we don't abide by stage times and strict timetables.

As well as some of the best alternative music in town, the Black Tooth also hosts a revolving door of local and national live talent to get you mad for it. Previous guests have included:

- And So I Watch You From Afar

- Maybeshewill

- Adam Bomb (USA)

- Zombina & The Skeletones

- Nice Peter (USA)

- The Death Set (Australia/USA)

- My Minds Weapon

- The Tyrant Lizard Kings

- Alamos

- Billy Gaz Station (France)

- Samurai Fury

- Bloodnut

- Daiquiri Dusk

- Jackie Treehorn

- Your Fears

- Swordmaster

- Tabasco Fiasco

- Ablach

- Miss Dolly Tartan

- Turning 13

- Boycotts

- Spyamp

- Ascension

- Departures

- Cuddly Shark

- The Brothel Corpse Trio

- Molineux

- Pinpim

- We Push Buttons

- Evil Demon Theory

- Sakura Tsui

- Y Change Costume

- Enrapture

- White Boys For Gay Jesus

- Liars Dice

- Stone Fidella

- Zero The Fool

- The Dials

- Vesuvian

- Uncalm

- Greater The Shadow

- Heat Thieves

- Get In, Get Out

- Secta Rouge

- Escape To Victory

- Arakan Yoma

- Granite Ruin

- Iname

- Kashmir Red

- Cobra Kai

- Double 8 Straight

- Muma Magic

- Sidca

- HalfJack

- Avoid The Morning

- Red Mongoose

- Bainbridge

- Quiver And The Lady Snatchers

- Fiasco

- Leaving Las Vegas

- Toy

- Cook House Heroes

- Mohare

- Battle To Exile

- The Day I Vanished

- The Wildcards

- Life Amoung People

- Tangaroa

Entry is 3 every week but you can grab a FREE pass from the Athenaeum or for one of our PR staff on Belmont Street. Alternately, send an email to pr@clubsnafu.com before 6pm on the day and we'll sort it out for you.

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