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Transition extreme presents 60's band and dance night

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On Sunday 22 November an international music and dance event will take place at Transition Extreme, Aberdeen to raise funds for the recent Philippine typhoon disaster (doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start).

The event, themed in the style of 1960s Greenwich Village Caf Wha where many great names such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon made their professional debuts, is organised by a team of Global Xchange volunteers from the UK and Tanzania who have joined forces with their host, Aberdeen Foyer to raise money for much needed essentials such as food, shelter, clothing and cooking equipment for the victims of the natural disaster.

Mrs Roda Bird, a prominent member of the Aberdeen Philippine community, has already visited the stricken area and comments, It is great to see young people from all over the world working so hard and selflessly to stage this event for the benefit of people in such great need of help.

The volunteers working at Aberdeen Foyer and Transition Extreme, along with representatives of Foyer Music, have organised various performance artists to take part in the event including traditional Indian dancers, community drumming group Gurana, rock groups The Frozen North and Chaos Theory as well as a Philippine dance group, several solo performances and musicians taking part in Global Xchange.

Global Xchange is a cross-cultural programme, managed in partnership by the British Council and VSO, which provides opportunities for young people to volunteer in the community and promotes global citizenship. In Aberdeen, Global Xchange is funded by the Wood Family Trust and delivered by Aberdeen Foyer. The 3 year programme involves volunteers from Tanzania and the UK.

Tickets for the event priced at 3.50 for under 18s and 5 for over 18s with a complimentary soft drink can be purchased on the door or in advance by contacting Charlotte Elliss on 07814516070.

Members of the public wishing to make a donation towards the national disaster fund can do so by visiting GlobalGiving UK: donate to grassroot charity projects from around the world

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