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Folkies ....calling all, or any !


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Hello .. bit of a 'dive in' for a first post....

Some years ago, having played in a relatively successful little folk-combo called 'Burn the Witch', time, jobs, kids and the usual nonsense got in the way of all the real fun stuff... and now at the grand old age of very early 40's... I'm looking to get back into it again.

With that premise in mind then... looking for some like-minded wassocks to throw their hats in with me...

I'm not a 'finger in the ear' Fair-isle jersey wearing, real-ale supping purist, .. I like acoustic instruments to be easily amplifiable...

Its gonna take a week or two to get back up to snuff, so we're not in any huge hurry here... I'd rather get it right, than blunder in and sound someplace south of awful....

I'm a Bouzouki player myself.. can chant a half-passable vocal out if I need to.. & play a bit of Mandolin, tenor Banjo, Tin whistles, bodhrann etc ...and the thoughts are to look for Guitar(s), Bass, some sort of percussive backbone, fiddle, Mandolin / mandola, maybe pipes.. anything that could add something good to the table really... and some strong vocals, male, female or even both.

Nae barriers to age, sex , religious persuasion, colour, clan, love of mince & tatties... etc .. just anywhere from the toon or the shire ( I'm out North-aways.. Ellon direction ).. anywhere'll do..

If you like the idea of that kind of thing, drop me a PM or reply or whatever, and lets get some "heid's thegither and see fit can be dane"

If you have an ear that appreciates the Old Blind Dogs, The McCalmans, Planxty, and the likes.. then I guess we should be spikkin' ! 8-)

Cheers, and ta, muckle. :up:

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