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Vocalist Lookin For A Band


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hey guys, am looking for a new project as my last band sadly passed away earlier this year, am into a broad spectrum of stuff music wise from daft punk, to the chillis, the clash & beatles. just like good tunes, preferably with a guitar involved.

am an alto by trade so can hit those high notes without sounding like a bellend. check out my last band at [[ Heat thieves on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads ]] . we gigged around the country & wrote the best part of an album, so familiar with the process, also got decent links to a bad ass studio too, so if anyones game, gimme a shout, am itchin to get back out there.

oh yeah play bass and modest guitar too, am 25 and live the town centre next to the Grammar.

Jamesey xxxx

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