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Mouth organ player needed!

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Ignore my avatar and user name for the moment! APA hat is taken off and put to the side.

I'm looking for a good mouth organ player, preferrably with a background in the blues, to work on track I've put together with my group Az-I Cool. There's a rough instrumental of the track up on our site, simply called 'Blues Groove', along with some other recordings we've done recently which will give a flavour of what we're about.

The track will feature two MCs (one French and one English) and our DJ doing some brilliant beat juggling of the main melody - it may also involve a sax player. Depending on ability and how much you're feeling the beat I'd be looking for someone to accentuate the main hook to give it that full-on blues feel and hopefully provide a small solo to add that icing to the cake.

If you are interested at all please contact me through Aberdeen-Music or via e-mail to azicool@rocketmail.com - we're a very flexible bunch and can easily fit ourselves around your schedule. All things going well we are looking to record this track in the near future. Copyright, etc, will be discussed in person.

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