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*New* - Fylde Mandolin For Sale (Handmade)


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Hi Folks,

I have a beautiful handmade "Fylde Touchstone Mandolin" for sale...

I've had this instrument for less than 1 month, and have never had the time to actually play it yet - (the joys of house renovation!) - I've literally only had time to admire it, so it's still in brand new condition. Anyway, the realisation that buying wallpaper and paint is of more importance has kicked in, and unfortunately have to sell :down:

Fylde Guitars - mandolins

You can check out further details regarding spec etc, on the link above.

The Fylde list price is 640 - which is slightly cheaper than I bought it for. However, I'm willing to accept 600 - which will include a new well-padded softcase worth 20-30 quid

PM me if this is of any interest.

Many Thanks!


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