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Bass amps - repair or discard?


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just signed up on his forum to ask this question..

I have a problem with my old crate 50 watt bass amp I'm afraid it might have kicked the bucket.. I woke up today and found that I had fallen asleep last night and left it on the green light was on but it wasn't playing any sound I had it rigged to my laptop so I check the headphone jack and it workeed on my studio headphones andyes,(i checked all the knobs and switches. hooked my bass up and still no sound but the tuner still works . Any ideas?? if this would be worth taking it in and getting it fixed. I m not cheap but the only place that does this that I know charges 45 dollars just to look at it and tell me if it's worth getting fixed..

I know heat is the enemy so do you think something finally fried out?/

I have no clue what to do ..any suggestions anyone??


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