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'Glass hold' reveals personality

Guest Bob

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Apparently the way you hold your glass at the bar can reveal a lot about your personality....

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Glass hold' reveals personality

My favourite description is this:


This is usually a woman, who holds her glass with dainty, splayed fingers and uses it in a provocative way.

She may position it over her cleavage so as to draw attention to her attributes or peer over the rim to make eye contact when taking a sip - and she may "tease" the rim of the glass with her finger, perhaps dipping it into the drink and sucking it dry.

You can tell a girl's flirting just from those few subtle clues? Fucking hell. In heat more like. Other tell-tale signs include downing the drink in a oner before grabbing your knob and shouting, "fancy a shag big boy?"

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