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Eruption Rock 'n' Roll Weekender

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*Happening in the Halt Bar 160 Woodlands Road Glasgow 0141 352 9996*

Given that Eruption has only been active in The Halt Bar for just less than a year, the quality of night and bands that have been attracted have been quite superb.

so much so in fact that this year sees the first ever Eruption Festival. taking over the Halt onthe weekend of the 20th & 21st June, Eruption brings together some of the best Garage, Punk, Trash & Rock 'n' Roll bands around over two days of free music.

In perhaps Suicidal fashion the Halt Bar has decided to stage two great festivals one weekend after the other, we've got the balls to be there, have you?

And remember, it's completely FREE!

Line-Up looks something like this....

Saturday 20th June

Reverend Beatman

The Bonnnevilles

The Coyote Men

Les Bof!

The Brutes

The Bucky Rage

The Pharisees

Acid Fascists

Sunday 21st

The Primevils


The Phantom Herd

The Fnords

The Kosher Pickles

The Jackhammers

Franco Neon

The Diablos

The Ineptors

Psycho Candy

Plus Merch from the bands, and a good deal of good booze.

Oh Dear


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