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Cast Of The Capital merch (online store/gigs)


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You can now purchase some Cast Of The Capital items at our gigs and through Paypal on our Big Cartel store.

T Shirts

Mens 100% Cotton T shirt. "Cast Of The Capital" logo. Sizes s,m,l.

Ladies 100% Cotton T shirt. "Cast Of The Capital" logo. Sizes s only.

Other Items

(Coming soon) Tote bag with 'Cast Of The Capital' embroidered text. Different designs available.


All items are 7.00 + 50p delivery. At gigs you will get a lovely deal - any two items for 12.00!!

Please follow the link below to our Big Cartel store where you can find pictures and purchase stuff! Selling some of our merch will really help us afford to get out on the road and play a show near you :)

Cast Of The Capital Merch — Home

Cast Of The Capital on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

We really appreciate your support.


Steve, Matt, Ally and Jamie.

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