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Viking Moses + Golden Ghost + Debutant @ The Tunnels, 16th June

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Tuesday 16th June

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm

Entry 6




VIKING MOSES - was initiated by Southern Missourian Brendon Massei in 2003. The band has a dynamic, rotating cast of both established and obscure musicians worldwide, and is currently based between Scotland (UK) and Northern Appalachia (USA).

More straight forward rock/soul than weird/folk as most of their contemporaries seem to be marketed, Viking Moses recordings are very accessible in convention, though live shows normally tend to have an unconventional approach, being hosted in unorthodox venues, often having assembled bands night-of, using members of support bands or strangers in the audience. Both aspects are delivered with utmost soul, passion, and humility, and always offer fans and strangers an experience which is unique and often contrary to expectation.

Viking Moses has been finding very fair attention since 2004, thanks to Devendra Banhart's "Golden Apples..." compilation and good words, followed by a signing by Alan McGee (Creation Records founder, and manager of Oasis, Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Libertines, etc.) which has found Viking Moses high acclaim in UK and Europe, and kept them heavily active in that part of the world these past few years.


GOLDEN GHOST - is a band fronted by Laura Goetz from the village of Endicott in Upstate New York.

Goetz' music is addictive, yet surprisingly not your typical "pop" songs. More similar to classical music in structure, she fuses various catchy melodies which reoccur at times from song to song, delivered primarily with dynamic and technical electric guitar. Lyrically, she uses themes from extremely brief life encounters, (such as a Scottish man who paints moonscapes, or an institutionalized Missouri woman who had been discovered swallowing hundreds of small metal objects, and even a story told from the perspective of 70's telvision's French Chef host Julia Child!) and produces extensive monologues told from the perspective of her subjects, an exquisite display of imagination, compassion and poetry.


DEBUTANT - A combination of simple, dreamy songs augmented by a build-up of shimmering atmospheres. Think textured one-man dream-pop. Or something like that.

"Debutant's music ignores genres altogether, sounding something like what would happen if Mark Kozelek and Kevin Shields had an afternoon, a spare room and a multitude of ideas. Definitely worth checking out live" - isthismusic?

"Debutants blend of post-rock ambience with breathless lyrics was beautiful. Solitude called into mind Ulrich Schnauss and Brian Eno, flowing like little rivulets of darkness." - Narc Magazine


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