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Origin - The Finale Sat 30th May


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The Finale

Last Ever Night @ Origin

Origin will be closing its doors for the final time. It will never be opening as a club venue again. It has hosted some of the biggest names on the planet as a venue (Pelican/Subway/Origin). This will be the final curtain. We would like to thank everyone who has worked, helped and attended and hope you can make it to the final night of this historic venue. It has been greatly appreciated.

Dj Tez (Jungle Nation)

Finnie (Axis)

Giles Walker (Hush Hush)

Bones & Money (Acid Thunder)

Djamba & Krazzy Martin (Everything Else Sucks)

Dj Maximus (Minival)

Mr.Man (Regression)

Dr.Angus & Minimaul (Keltech)

D:Liva & Y2D (Full Spektrum)

Dubkat & GusGus (Booya)

Audio Perversion (Axis)

Dj Lunik (Ketchup)

Fuad (2009 Rockness Dj Competition Winner)

Mc Davie T (Full Spektrum)

Sat 30th May 2009

Origin, Market st, Aberdeen

Below Hotel Metro

7pm - 3am

Entry 10

** End of club drinks promos**

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