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Nearly-new Vox Tonelab LE, boxed.

Lost Persona

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Hello gents and laydeez, Looking to get shot of this amazing equipment that I just don't use. Download festival fast approaches and I need cash sadly!

S'been used bout 10 times MAX, 3 in a practise studio and the rest in my bedroom. Soon after I got a decent valve half stack, and not being an effect man I just don't use it to a fragment of its use.

Looking for offers about 200 cos its near new, but feel free to make other (reasonable) offers...




PS. For references, I post on the Ultimate-Guitar forums alot under the name PabloGilberto, and my eBay tag is TheAssassins. If you need any other authentication, I can get my Nigerian Prince cousins' wife to take your bank details and pass you the 8 million he left in his account...

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