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Jungle Nation B2B Special Sat 2nd May @ ORIGIN


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Jungle Nation

This months sees four Jungle Nation debuts. Fresh new talent to

prop up the oldies. Expect a cross section of drum & bass from

liquid to jump up to tech step and everything in between. Dj Critic

winner of the Aberdeen Student Radio dj competition. Dubkat who is

a versatile dj from Manchester and local boy Gone who will be

playing some techstep monsters. He will joined by another dark

destoyer in Darklight, name says it all. Also we have Dj Level

one of Slovakia's top dnb djs who ripped Origin apart last month.

Dj Tez V Dj Level

Finnie v Dj Critic

Dj Davy v Dubkat

Darklight v Gone

Sat 2nd May 2009

Origin, Market st, Abdn

Below Hotel Metro

11pm - 3am

Entry 5

Jungle Nation - Scottish Drum & Bass Since 1997 (Powered by CubeCart)

Jungle Nation on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

bebo.com - Profile from Jungle Nation <JungleN>

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