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Supernaut Set List 17/04/09


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The Cranes Shine Like Stars

Rosetta Stone The Witch

The Style Council Youre The Best Thing

Strauss & Roggenback In The Year 2525

Xymox A Day

Interpol Roland

Muse Sing For Absolution

The Smashing Pumpkins Today

Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams

Wumpscut thorns

Recently Deceased Please Increase

Killing Joke Millenium

Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod

Autodafeh Fuel Of Fire

Nine Inch Nails Heresy

Standeg 25 Hours

Project Pitchfork Feel! (Remix by [:SITD:])

Dope Stars Inc. Digital Freedom

Mortiis The Grudge (Gothminister Mix)

Powerman 5000 When Worlds Collide

Krystal System Mental

Chumbawumba Mary Mary

The Sisters Of Mercy Dominion/Mother Russia

The Virgin Prunes Baby Turns Blue

Vendemmian Give It Up

Zombie Girl Elsie

The Beauty Of Gemina This Time

Lola Angst Ziggys Lullaby

Reaper Daemon (Heimataerde Mix)

Combichrist This Is My Rifle

Angelspit Skinny Little Bitch

KMFDM Juke Joint Jezebel

Fear Factory Linchpin

Coal Chamber Sway

Cradle Of Filth The Forest Whispers My Name

White Zombie Electro Head Pt.1 (The Agony)

Celldweller Switchback

Project Pitchfork Timekiller

Depeche Mode Its No Good

Duran Duran Girls On Film

The Cure In Between Days

The Damned Eloise

Blondie Ava Maria

Medicine Time Baby III

The Marionettes Ava Dementia

The Merry Thoughts Pale Empress

Echo & The Bunnymen People Are Strange

Emilie Autumn Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Bad Girl Remix By The Fire)

Das Scheit Because The Night

Slipknot Duality

Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People

Rammstein Du Hast

The Prodigy Omen

[x]-rx Industrial Rave Revolution

New Order True Faith 94

Queen Flash

The Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch (KMFDM Remix)

Machine Head Message In A Bottle

Gothminister Darkside

Pitchshifter Genius

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult After The Flesh

Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast

MC Hammer U Cant Touch This

Adam & The Ants Stand & Deliver

The Cure Lovecats

The Sisters Of Mercy Temple Of Love 92

Girls Aloud Something Kinda Oooh!

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