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Buy this blasted amp guys and gals!!!


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Due to my fear of slipping a disk carrying this thing about ( great way to sell it to you) I am selling my Marshall TSL 602 60 Watt Combo.

I love this amp but it really doesn't fit my style all too well.,


a couple of aesthetic dings that comes with gigging

one of the rubber feet has come off ( today as it happens after trying to get it out of the volvo back seat)

Some scallywag stole the pedal which is lame

Over all its a sturdy amp that will give somebody a few years of joy.. i'd keep it but i'm sick of carrying it up the stairs...

If any of you have been to a gig where Avoid the Morning have played.. i'm the daft twat struggling with that beast of an amp... Check out my pictures to have a glimpse of the amp.. not me struggling with it.

Reasonable offers considered ..i.e dont offer poems as a form of payment...or Albanian Leks for that matter.

Cheers!! :up:

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