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STARSKY - New Drummer Required


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STARSKY - have been playing the Aberdeen music scene for the last 9 years, bunch of lads in mid 30s- all played in original bands in the early 90s when there were a bunch of great Aberdeen bands around, One God Universe, The Dawntreaders, Cherry 2000, The Other Side, The Lorelei, Inertia, The Dreaming, The Last Divide, Greenblade, Another Wild Rose etc. Those were the days... anyway we're clearly getting on a bit these days and have reverted to playing covers but avoiding cheese and instead opting to play up to date covers and some stuff from the 90s - , Foos, RHCP, Kaisers, Charlatans, Snow Patrol, U2,Weezer, Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses etc

Plenty of gig offers from 300 quid pub gigs to 1200 quid functions, although we are in this for fun and dont play too often we still take what we do seriously. Our new bass player also runs a booking agency so we will be able to take our pick on the best gigs and have access our own van and PA. All in all, I think we're a good option for anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable band to play in.

Need to find a like minded drummer quickly as we've got gigs on the horizon. No time wasters, metallers or drummers who are simply looking for "work" and another band to skim money off. We're in this for enjoyment but we take what we do seriously.

If interested drop me a line:- Starskystevo@hotmail.com

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