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Marshall TSL 602 Valve Amp for sale!!!


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I'm selling my Marshall TSL 602 60 Watt Combo Valve Amp. Its is a reluctant sale but due to the constant threat of hearnias carrying this beast down 3 flights of stairs and up them aswell, I feel that someone who is in better physical condition and location would profit from this piece of hardhare.

Please be advised that unfortunately the pedal that came with this amp was taken at a gig along with some of my leads and was never returned so please be advised there is no pedal with this amp.

It has been gigged so there are a couple of tiny aesthetic dings that have occured from placing it down on rough surfaces other than that the amp is in perfect condition and sounds awesome!!

I am willing to accept any reasonable offers on this well built (British built) Valve Amp Combo.



If more photos are needed let me know!

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