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Minimal Thu 11th Oct at Origin


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you ate. you slept. you drank. now do it all over!!

As its going to be the last one of 2008, DECEMBER'S MINIVAL WILL BE OFF THE HOOK!!!

The Menu:

throbbing kick embraced by soul warming chords and moved by a very very groovy bass, which will become more and more bouncy as the glitches and clicks take over. midway through this session your mind will be stunned by the uplifting tingle and mesmerizing melodies produced by our wall of sound, to conclude with a homemade mix of the wildest and funkiest electro we can offer.

..spice it up with the most gorgeous and cheerful crowd in Aberdeen, cheap drinks and a side order of crazy lighting effects and you get ESDM!!!!!

OH! and some dubstep for dessert for all you heavy bass lovers

Minival residents:

Dj Jhono (Mesmerizing minimal set)

Dj Cristof (Soulful tech house set)

Dj Critic (Pounding uubstep)

3/2 with AU Electro Propaganda Membership Card & Origin Drinks Card

Thu 11th Dec

Origin, Market st, Aberdeen

Below Hotel Metro

10pm - 2am

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