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Female vocals for TRS

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Hi All,

Thanks for checking out this post.

TRS are looking for female vocals to fill out our sound. Check out

MySpace.com - TRS - UK - www.myspace.com/trsociety

Currently there is only 2 of us but have no limit to the flow of ideas. The tunes on the page have taken ~3weeks to put together which is pretty quick.

We have so many ideas that we will be able to write and record tunes for a long time to come.

Inspiration comes form many directions but currently a bit of Portishead, Goldfrapp, Chemicals Brothers, DJ Shadow etc.

Vocals would be entirely up to yourself and we can write tunes to suit vocla styles, words and help our with backing vocals etc. also.

Unfortunatley we have been let down by a few people in the past :down: just not turning up so please respond for more info if you are sure you can commit to approx 1 night a week for rehearsal at Captain Toms, Musical Vision.

We also both have home studios with lots of pro gear so nothing but a voice is required........

Experience is not necessary, we have both giged for years as long as your are happy with the the tunes thats ace.

We want to gig in the future (ASAP) and have had to turn down a couple because of the missing vocals.

We are both professionals (non-music) over 30 but age is not as important as commitment.

All replies will get a quick response, if you have examples of your vocals that would be great but not essential.

Hope to hear form you soon.

Take care,


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Another Bump no interest so far shame we are good.

Gigs are easy to get have one on the 28th at the Tunnels.

Could be better with a singer..............................male or female.....................

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